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Sheffield is Cold! Women’s Winter Style Guide – Cashmere vs Others

cream winter woolen jumper with holes

Let’s be honest.

Sheffield isn’t exactly the warmest city to live in during the winter months.

With snow a consistent threat, and consistent low temperatures making ice on the roads and footpaths a real problem, you need to stock up plenty of warm clothes to make sure you don’t freeze on your commute.

But don’t fear! Our winter style guide will keep you warm and professional during the colder months in Sheffield.

Read on for more.

Shoes and Boots

Your protection against rain, dirt and even snow!

The main things to consider when choosing winter footwear are:

  • Warmth – make sure you pick something that will keep you warm when walking around in winter. Remember there will be puddles that splash, and cold wind, and even snow drifts to negotiate!
  • Colours – choosing a darker shoe is often better to hide dirt, so consider going darker than usual with your colour choices.
  • Material – consider materials that are simpler to wipe clean, aka avoid things like suede that will often stain.

Here is another good resource on winter shoes from Emily:

Under Layers

Layering is important, because when you’re going in and out especially, you’ll need to adjust depending on the varying temperatures of buses, offices with heating, and obviously the outdoors.

Our top choices for layering are:

  1. Short and long sleeves
  2. Colour combinations – choose the traditional colour combinations of winter.
  3. Don’t forget accessories – scarves and hats make a great addition to your layering, especially in the heart of winter.

Jumpers (we like cashmere)

A nice jumper can really polish off an outfit. We love a jumper that’s both warm, soft and high quality, which is why we always choose cashmere. When styling a cashmere jumper with the rest of your outfit, make sure the colours compliment. If you’re going with a really bright coloured jumper, ensure the rest of your outfit is understated, to make your vibrant piece pop (and stop you looking like a clown).

Here is another great video from Lizzy on cashmere jumpers in a basic wardrobe:

Further Reading

This video is a really good resource on winter style:


Learn How Google Marketing and SEO Can Help Your Sheffield Business

What is SEO and how does it help?

There are a great deal of variables that play into just how rapidly you see outcomes after you begin doing Search Engine Optimization.

Standard web traffic, web site style, domain name age, meta summaries, geographical place, competitors, and also target audience all play into just how promptly you could get online search engine website traffic from Search Engine Optimization.

Usually talking sites could see lead to 4 to 6 months.

Certainly, Search Engine Optimization results expand with time. The grip you’re accessing 6 months generally is less than exactly what you need to be experiencing at One Year.

This is not feasible for everybody.

In some instances, in the instance that you’re obtaining right into Google information, or in the instance that you’re in the dish globe and also you could obtain visuals as well as photos, or in the instance where you have a highlighted bit chance as well as you could obtain the aesthetic for that showcased fragment along with that credit scores, or in the instance where you could obtain abundant fragments around traveling or around trips, various other verticals that schema is sustaining right currently, well, that’s wonderful. You need to make use of those possibilities.

We desire Googlebot’s crawlers to be able to come to this web page, to comprehend the web content that’s on there in a message legible style, to recognize photos as well as visuals or video clip or installs or anything else that you have actually obtained on the web page in a means that they are going to be able to place right into their internet index.

That is essential. Without it, none of the remainder of this things also matters.

How expensive is SEO?

The price you pay for SEO really depends on your goals, as the more competitive the industry, the more expensive it will be to rank the website. You can often find agency prices starting at the £650 per month mark, any lower than this and they won’t really be able to provide you an effective service in less than a year. For a consultant, you may pay upwards of £100 per hour for services, or one off consulting can be between £400 and £1,200 depending on how detailed the analysis needs to be.

What types of SEO should I buy?

If you own an online shop, then you might consider hiring an ecommerce seo consultant such as Matt Jackson, who can help diagnose the problems with your site specific from a shopping perspective, which could involve noindex and nofollow of pages and understanding sidebar filters.

If you’re interested in an international SEO company, then you could consider the expertise of people like Neil Patel, who have a clear track record of helping many different nationalities perform SEO to the highest level.

If your a local store, then  you could consider a local seo agency such as Local SEO Sheffield, who understand the algorithm of Google Maps and what it takes to get ranked in a local area.

Sheffield Making Way For New Student Accommodation

It’s no secret that Sheffield city centre is dominated by accommodation tower blocks. From the Trigon facilities, to the Velocity Tower, your drive around the ring road is basically road marked by these huge buildings.

However did you notice that 9/10 of these are actually designed purely for students?

A recent article by the Star has revealed that 4 new tower blocks will be rising up in the near future, providing approximately 860 beds for students looking to come to the city.

The new builds will be going up opposite Wickes, on Stokes Tiles on Moore Street.

Other businesses in the area include Pinders, The Cabin and Games Workshop. It will most likely be targeted at Sheffield Hallam University students.

Student Housing Companies Comments

We asked Strawberry Student Homes for a comment on this issue, to which they said they “welcome the competition” and that “it will not change the need for students looking for a more homely student house in their 2nd and 3rd years of study”.

However other companies have expressed concerns with the new builds, with many invested in other central blocks saying that the competition is going to leave many larger buildings with empty beds that will be impossible to fill. These sort of accommodation blocks were considered solid investments in previous years, but with the large intake of money into them and new builds on the rise, the incremental gains look to be shallowing off a little.

We will see in the near future what impact this has on other accommodation around the city.