It’s no secret that Sheffield city centre is dominated by accommodation tower blocks. From the Trigon facilities, to the Velocity Tower, your drive around the ring road is basically road marked by these huge buildings.

However did you notice that 9/10 of these are actually designed purely for students?

A recent article by the Star has revealed that 4 new tower blocks will be rising up in the near future, providing approximately 860 beds for students looking to come to the city.

The new builds will be going up opposite Wickes, on Stokes Tiles on Moore Street.

Other businesses in the area include Pinders, The Cabin and Games Workshop. It will most likely be targeted at Sheffield Hallam University students.

Student Housing Companies Comments

We asked Strawberry Student Homes for a comment on this issue, to which they said they “welcome the competition” and that “it will not change the need for students looking for a more homely student house in their 2nd and 3rd years of study”.

However other companies have expressed concerns with the new builds, with many invested in other central blocks saying that the competition is going to leave many larger buildings with empty beds that will be impossible to fill. These sort of accommodation blocks were considered solid investments in previous years, but with the large intake of money into them and new builds on the rise, the incremental gains look to be shallowing off a little.

We will see in the near future what impact this has on other accommodation around the city.

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