cream winter woolen jumper with holes

Let’s be honest.

Sheffield isn’t exactly the warmest city to live in during the winter months.

With snow a consistent threat, and consistent low temperatures making ice on the roads and footpaths a real problem, you need to stock up plenty of warm clothes to make sure you don’t freeze on your commute.

But don’t fear! Our winter style guide will keep you warm and professional during the colder months in Sheffield.

Read on for more.

Shoes and Boots

Your protection against rain, dirt and even snow!

The main things to consider when choosing winter footwear are:

  • Warmth – make sure you pick something that will keep you warm when walking around in winter. Remember there will be puddles that splash, and cold wind, and even snow drifts to negotiate!
  • Colours – choosing a darker shoe is often better to hide dirt, so consider going darker than usual with your colour choices.
  • Material – consider materials that are simpler to wipe clean, aka avoid things like suede that will often stain.

Here is another good resource on winter shoes from Emily:

Under Layers

Layering is important, because when you’re going in and out especially, you’ll need to adjust depending on the varying temperatures of buses, offices with heating, and obviously the outdoors.

Our top choices for layering are:

  1. Short and long sleeves
  2. Colour combinations – choose the traditional colour combinations of winter.
  3. Don’t forget accessories – scarves and hats make a great addition to your layering, especially in the heart of winter.

Jumpers (we like cashmere)

A nice jumper can really polish off an outfit. We love a jumper that’s both warm, soft and high quality, which is why we always choose cashmere. When styling a cashmere jumper with the rest of your outfit, make sure the colours compliment. If you’re going with a really bright coloured jumper, ensure the rest of your outfit is understated, to make your vibrant piece pop (and stop you looking like a clown).

Here is another great video from Lizzy on cashmere jumpers in a basic wardrobe:

Further Reading

This video is a really good resource on winter style:


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