The range of Winawood

Winawood is the number 1 choice for an all-weather furniture option for your garden in 2017. Honestly I truly believe it’s a game changed, and once you have one you will realise how much extra time and hassle you save yourself every year.

The Problem

Most garden furniture needs to be maintained, plain and simple, whether that’s rubbing oil into it, buying an expensive cover, or storing it during the winter, they all require some level of work. But what if you didn’t want to do all that? Well that’s why you choose all weather garden furniture, and I can guarantee it’s well worth the extra money.

What is Winawood?

Winawood is a polymer material of compressed plastics, that creates a versatile material with a natural looking grain effect.

What makes Winawood all weather?

It doesn’t rot, warp, or go brittle, and can be left outside in the sun, rain and snow. This makes it a fantastic choice to save you time and money, as it doesn’t need to be oiled, covered or maintained in any way. Winawood garden furniture is really amazing, and it now comes in a range of Winawood benches, Winawood love seats, Winawood dining sets, and Winawood coffee sets. You can purchase the traditional Sandwick design of Winawood benches, with both 2 seater sandwick benches, and 3 seater sandwick benches.

Where can you buy Winawood furniture?

This type of garden furniture is available to purchase from lots of garden centres and online stores. Here are some popular places to purchase Winawood garden furniture online:

Winawood furniture reviews

Here are a few reviews that we’ve found online, the majority of them seem to be very positive indeed, mentioning both the comfort and durability of this garden furniture.

“Still very pleased with the Winawood Garden Bench. Much admired by all who see it and who cannot believe it is not made of wood.” Colin, 2017.

“Very pleased, we bought the teak colour and it’s very strong + looks good.” Alan, 2017.

Other Types of All Weather Garden Furniture

There are of course other choice when it comes to weatherproof furniture, which include:

  1. All weather rattan – this type must be UV stabilised to prevent rotting, and have an aluminium frame to prevent rust in the wet and ice. This normally comes with cushions and so is very comfortable.
  2. Cast aluminium – this classic type of furniture is very heavy duty, and won’t rust due to the nature of aluminium. It tends to last a long time, but isn’t always the most comfortable.

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